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Message from Mayor - James Brooks

Mayor of Atlanta Texas

Welcome to Atlanta, Texas - the nation’s second largest Atlanta! In this Small Town, USA, you will find all the modern conveniences with a friendly dose of southern charm. Atlanta is a great place to live and raise a family, visit and shop, or locate and grow your business. Generations of folks have called this community home, and worked to make it the quaint place that it is today - with great schools, a thriving business community, beautiful outdoor resources, and a strong community of neighbors.

Located in the Piney Woods of Northeast Texas, along the Wildflower Trail, and near the borders of Louisiana and Arkansas, you can enjoy the scenic byways of rolling hills or water smooth as glass at Atlanta State Park. Red clay and tall pines punctuate the picturesque landscape, and the long and winding roads lead to rivers, lakes and bayous, family farms and old homesteads. In the heart of town, green space and public parks abound, including a downtown plaza on main, pocket parks, and veteran memorial. Atlanta also has a top notch sports complex near the Mattie Lanier Richie center, a community room available for special events as well as an historic Atlanta City Park which dates back to the civilian conservation corps days.

Our local food scene boasts great restaurants that reflect the flavors of the region from Texas BBQ to Cajun cuisine, Tex-Mex, or home style Southern cooking. Atlanta is home to a state of the art hospital that provides competent, compassionate healthcare for our region, as well as a regional community college providing superior workforce training for area manufacturing. Though timber is king, Atlanta is home to many other industries from the professional sectors, to industrial manufacturing, education, and even technology workers who stay connected remotely.

Once again, welcome to Atlanta, Texas - if it isn't the center of the universe, it's close enough to drive.

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