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Atlanta City Overview

Atlanta exemplifies small town America. Warm smiles and warmer greetings reflect a friendly and progressive community.

Strategically situated in the northeast corner of Texas, Atlanta offers convenient access to many cultural, educational, historical and recreational activities. Fishermen land the big ones daily on Lake Wright Patman, Caddo Lake, and Lake O’The Pines, all within 30 minutes and open to the public. Atlanta State Park and Cass County Park are located on the shores of Lake Wright Patman. Thousands of acres of government land and lakes are available for hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, and birding. Visitors can gather information at the Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce in downtown Atlanta. Within easy walking distance, over 40 shops offer a variety of products and services including antiques, crafts, hardware, flowers, clothing, gifts, and treats from a vintage, turn of the century soda fountain.

The Veterans Memorial Plaza, Atlanta Historical Museum and the Historical Atlanta Public Library provide insight into the history of Atlanta and East Texas.

Atlanta has it all – from the Chamber of Commerce serving business and community needs to a full complement of municipal services for residents, business and industry. Atlanta's school system is exceptional and the hospital system is recognized as a regional asset.

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